Construction Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

Advancement in technology has proved to be a boon for the construction industry in the times when it was worse affected by the COVID pandemic. As this time progresses, we will see major shift in the way this industry is set to function.

Affected by the pandemic fallout, the construction industry has started to change how it does business. From relying more on construction software to finally accepting prefabricated construction component, builders and developers across the world are readily accepting the changes. 2021 will see major shifts in the industry.

Safe and Clean Construction Sites

Since times immemorial, the construction industry has been synonymous with accidents and fatalities. However, with innovative technologies entering the field of construction, this track record is set to break. Tech will replace manual labour to a great extent, thus making it easy for project supervisors to diligently follow all safety norms on-site.

In order to help prevent the spread of common diseases, an increased check on cleaning and disinfecting the sites at regular intervals is here to remain.

Speedy Project Deliveries

With the availability of prefabricated construction material and dependency on smart digital technology in construction, project construction and completion time can be expected to reduce to half. Modular construction and prefabricated material – the two things that were already on a rise – will see more dependence on them 2021 onward.

These technologies do not only reduce turn-around time, but they also help decrease the total cost of construction incurred.

Sustainable is the Way Forward

Construction – or Real Estate – is considered to be a major contributor of carbon emission in the environment, thus leading to global warming. International agencies are working hard to bring in technologies that lead to sustainable construction. One way to do that is by increasing the use of prefabricated material.

Manufacturing of construction material in a factory reduces carbon emission to a great extent, as compared to traditional ways of construction. It also reduces the dependence of numerous vehicles coming in to deliver material and taking out the construction waste. A step forward to sustainable ways of construction.

Rise of Robotics and Software in Construction

While earlier Project Supervisors were required to be there on-site for tasks like work allocation and project/ report/ photo uploads, the pandemic-induced lockdown has led people to rely more and more on software. This helps shorten the turn-around time as the projects’ management can be handled without having to be physically present on-site.

In order to increase the construction operations’ productivity, the use of robotics has come in as a great help. Companies today do not shy away from using autonomous machines and software for on-site construction, transporting building materials, and identifying risk factors.

Shift in Construction Market Trend

This past one year has seen a major shift in demand as long as the construction industry is concerned. For instance, today, there is no demand for new movie theaters, restaurants, and hotels etc., while the demand for new highways, roads, and bridges etc. has increased.

With demand for spacious units (both residential and official) on a rise, it is time for developers and contractors to start approaching construction with new and pragmatic ways. For instance, with Work from Home model here to stay, people are looking for houses that offer home-office or extra space that can be converted into a dedicated work-area. Similarly, offices would need more breathing space with workstations becoming wider than before. Worth noting for developers and contractors.

While it is not possible to predict what is in store, we can always make educated guesses based on the trends and rise/ fall in demand for various construction ideas. With the activities becoming more automated, what can be expected is efficient project completion.

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