Benefits of Health Insurance Policy in India

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Benefits of Health Insurance Policy in India

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A Detailed Guide about the Benefits of Health Insurance in India

Why do we Need Health Insurance Policies?

1. The cost borne in India through universal healthcare is around Rs. 1,713 per person per annum. Given that India has a population of above 130 billion, this is quite a sizeable expenditure.
2. About 65.06% of Indians spend total health care expenditure out of their pockets which land them in a debt trap.
3. Insufficient allocation of funds to the healthcare sector has pushed about 7% of the total population below the poverty line. The government has not undertaken any active measures to improve the situation

Looking at these data, it is not difficult to make out that the situation surrounding affordable healthcare is quite dire in the country.

As a result, health insurance policies are no longer just a convenience; they have become a necessity to save yourself from huge financial losses.

The need for health insurance policies, as a result, has never been higher!

But, before you zero in on purchasing health insurance for yourself and your family, it is crucial for you to familiarise yourself with the benefits you can avail from one.

If you are well-versed with the advantages you can avail from an insurance cover, you can choose the one best suited for your requirements.

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Understand the Benefits & Advantages of Health Insurance Policy


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